Distribution Control:

SMM stands as a keystone of your supply chain control strategy. Throughout their lifecycle, you have the means to check wether or not your branded products are at the right place and you can prove it reliably.

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Loyalty Program:

SMM makes enjoyable the interaction of the consumer and your product, and then it enhances his engagement with your brand. It offers furthermore a new access to your digital features and your targeted reward-schemes.

Digital Leaflet:

SMM simplifies your leaflet and brochure management providing your customers with a direct access to the relevant information about your product. It can be particularly appreciated for explaining how to use a product or for quickly accessing its technical data.


SMM eases the first touch point of a consumer with your branded products. From visual merchandising to re-purchase stage, SMM helps you turning your functional products into more inspirational products.

Membership Management:

SMM turns your high end product into a smart key, allowing your customers to access your exclusive private members' club. A journey starts from your product, can be enriched with unique experiences and will be better remembered.

Digital Product ID:

SMM offers your users an easy and reliable way to reassure your products certificate of origin paired with an entertaining product experience. This unique capability can be readily connected to existing third parties services.

Personalized Contents:

SMM links your brand contents with your product in realtime and allows your customers to add their own private contents on it. The emotional value of these private contents give an extra overall value to your product, and increase your brand awareness.

Customer Service:

SMM provides a direct two ways access from the product, simplifying the relationship between a brand and its customers. : warranty activation and support management made easy.

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Certificate of Ownership:

SMM gives a way to follow the sequences of ownership of a precious item, its custody and places of storage along its lifetime. It can even provide a monitoring over time of its integrity.

User Experience:

SMM enhances the human to object interaction through a digital window and thus helps performing everyday exploration tasks in a more pleasant and efficient way.

Quality & Safety:

SMM makes available in a quick and easy way all safety requirements and quality data simply targeting a specific product with a smartphone.

Enjoyment of Product:

SMM increases brand attachment through a full process of discovery, enjoyment and excitement made possible with this immersive technology.